Monday, May 2, 2011

My Style Hodgepodge!!

So recently I've been in search for my "style".  I've always been this classic pieces paired jeans, flats maybe throw in some print kinda gal. Yet, I have been trying to venture out into more "daring" things.  I look to these celebs for their style and try and find pieces and hints that can help me create my own personal style.


I think Whitney Port has the girlie mixture with simple pieces, Perfected. I love it


Kanye as you known haa been known to stir up the fashion world. With his way of piecing together items, wearing "women's" clothing, and overall doing what he wants, I admire his style and nonchalant attitude for fashion


Miranda Kerr, besides being one of the most beautiful girls in modeling she has one of the most effortless style in the game.  She may put a lot of work into picking her outfits but I love how it doesn't look like she put much thought into it.


Lastly, i think everyone loves Gwen's style.  The hip-hop mixed with feminine pieces such as a heel, or a purse really give her the unique sense of "personal" style

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