Monday, April 11, 2011

Karl Lagerfeld does Coca?!

Lagerfeld has done it again.  As one of the most innovative designers, he has done a collaboration with Coca Cola to have a limited edition of three bottles for Coca Cola Light. He not only designed it, but executed the ad campaign, which of course included his three favorite models Coco Rocha, Jeneil Williams, and Heidi Mount. 

Lagerfeld launched the ad campaign and bottles- Where?  No other place but Paris of course. He raised it up a notch with waiters dressed just like him. Funny I know!

Something Extra:  Karl Lagerfeld is also working on Chanel Couture, ready-to-wear Fendi, filming movies for Hogan and designing a "masstige" line for Macy's 

Where does he find the time! There is not enough hours in the day. Period

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