Thursday, April 21, 2011

Trend Report- Preppy, Geometric, Shine, Color and Neutrals

So I recently went through my magazine collection =, or should I say archive and came across a Nylon April issue that was filled with so much trends!
As i read through it, I picked out the trends that stood out to me the most.  I haven't really been keeping up with Nylon magazine, but I am kicking myself now for not religiously devouring into it.  
Note to self: Always buy Nylon magazine
It's Mah-Jor!

Mix-match Preppy Look
Geometric Prints

Something Extra: These shoes was custom designed Aldo wedges by designer Juilian Louie to go with architectural pieces in his Spring 2011 show

Neutral Grounds

Into the Hues of Blues

I like Gold! (Gilded Look)

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